Step Aboard Another World

Airbus Corporate Jet | ACJ TwoTwenty

Our dedicated team assists in your charter or acquisition of an ACJ TwoTwenty. From optimal technical choices to custom interior designs, we manage every aspect of the aircraft's production. We stand out with our absolute independence, in-depth knowledge, global connections, and a transparent commission structure, ensuring a seamless chartering experience in private aviation.

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The Ultimate Comfort

No place is comfier than your home and Airbus Corporate brought it to their products. Whichever ACJ you choose, that feeling of ultimate comfort and wellbeing for you, your families and business partners is paramount and constantly present in ACJ family, and that's why we decided to propose this unique line of aircraft to our customers flying long haul and night flights on a regular basis.


ACJ220, the Game Changer

The ACJ TwoTwenty is the first ACJ bizjet, offering ultimate comfort, without compromising range and economics where you can reimagine your place in the sky. With the footprint of a Global 7500, the TwoTwenty combines intercontinental range, an unmatched personal space of 73 square meters (786 ft2), lower operating costs than competitors and high remaining value at resale. Thanks to its operational capabilities, superior runway performance and proven reliability, it is a direct and strong competitor to Global 7500/8000, Gulfstream G700 or Dassault Falcon 10X.


TwoTwenty Management Team

Your aircraft charter or purchase should simplify your business and your life. That's why X-1 jets has developped an exclusive ACJ TwoTwenty management program fully dedicated to this unique aircraft. Direct communication and simple decision-making processes enable X-1 jets to respond to client inquiries quickly, efficiently and individually. To make that possible for even complex customer queries, the company’s management is available 24/7. X-1 jets is fully transparent on the invoices received from the suppliers and makes detailed reporting fully available on a user- friendly and ultra-modern software interface.


Why Purchase with X-1 Jets

Seeking to acquire a TwoTwenty VIP airliner? Our fully independent ACJ expert team is dedicated to safeguarding your interests and ensuring your expectations are fully met. From orchestrating the closing procedures to monitoring design and cabin completion, we handle certification, registration, export/import tax issues, and all transaction-related tasks. Rely on our specialists to manage every technical detail, ensuring a seamless delivery and operation of your new private aircraft through our exclusive ACJ TwoTwenty only management program.