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Empty Legs Program

Experience luxury travel affordably with empty leg flights. Every one-way private jet booking opens a chance for you to save up to 75% on your journey. Fly in style and economize smartly with X-1 Jets Empty Legs. Enjoy the same premium service and comfort while making the most of exclusive discounts on available routes. Register now for our Empty Legs Program to start taking advantage of these incredible savings.

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What is an Empty Leg?

An empty leg, also known as a ferry flight, occurs when a private jet needs to return to its base or reposition to another location without passengers after completing a one-way flight.


Significant Discounts

These flights are offered at a substantial discount, often up to 75% off the regular charter price, making private jet travel much more affordable.


Cost-Effective and Ecological Luxury

Since the aircraft would otherwise fly empty, operators can offer these flights at reduced rates, providing travelers with luxurious private jet experiences at a fraction of the usual cost, while also making use of flights that would occur anyway, thus reducing overall environmental impact.


Constraints to Consider

Empty leg flights come with certain constraints, such as predetermined routes, fixed dates, and the possibility of last-minute cancellations. Travelers must be flexible with their plans to take advantage of these discounted flights.