Special Mission Charter Flights

Ambulance flights, High-Value Cargo, Emergency and X-1 Rescue



Ambulance Flight Mission

Our Air-Ambulance team can organise and execute medical evacuations and medically escorted repatriations from virtually any country in the world.

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Emergency Flight

We can quickly coordinate the evacuation of casualties and at-risk civilians from dangerous situations, such as hostile war zones and natural or man-made disasters.

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High-Value Cargo

Looking for fast, reliable high-value cargo transport that you can trust? Whether it's luxury automobiles, priceless art, precious metals, luxury jewelry, or even your beloved pets, rely on our global expertise in high-value cargo movement.

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X-1 Rescue

X-1 Rescue provides our customers with the ability to react instantly in case of personal necessity like Evacuations, Search & Rescue or in the event of a major geopolitical event, likely to impact the entire logistics and financial chain. Contact us directly for details about this program.

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